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Dell Knows My Facebook Friends!

Posted by Bob Warfield on January 6, 2011

All creeped outOkay, this is just a little creepy.  I’m sure I’m late to the party, but I just noticed this.  I was looking at a Dell laptop, and suddenly a good friend’s name popped out at me. 

Seems he had clicked a Facebook “Like” button on the same product along with 646 others.  Of course Dell decided to show my friend Jack’s name because of course it would have more impact on me.

Memo to Dell, I closed that window immediately and ran, not walked away.

Sorry dude, but that just creeps my turnin’ 50 soon Old School self right out!
PS:  It didn’t help that when I switched to checking my mail I immediately got a message purportedly from “Facebook Survey” offering me a $250 gift certificate for Apple.  Just two problems–it wasn’t from Facebook and it required me to sign up for 12 more spammy things before I had a hope of seeing the certificate.  Ironically, the survey wanted to know what I thought of Facebook’s privacy capabilities.  Oops!

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