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Techcrunch 50 Having Technical Difficulties

Posted by Bob Warfield on September 8, 2008

Seems Wifi is nonexistant and nobody can get online.

How do they do the show without network connectivity?  Must be some for the presenters at least?


2 Responses to “Techcrunch 50 Having Technical Difficulties”

  1. I am amazed at how goofy some of these conference situations are. I once went to a mobile phone application conference in San Francisco. They had the event in a ballroom that was 3 floors underground! It was a nice ballroom mind you, but the cell phone signal was non-existent. Imagine all these mobile startups trying to show their application in an environment when no one could get a signal. Amazing…

  2. smoothspan said

    That would be tough for a mobile operator, Song!

    At TechCrunch, things got a little better after the first day, but I understand the WiFi was never very good. For our next show we’re investing in 2 backup plans. We’re going to get some wireless modems for the laptops, and we’re also bringing an image of our software on a laptop. It’s amazing how easy the latter is to do with software that’s designed to be able to work on commodity hardware with Linux. Just put the Linux image on the laptop and it pretty much works.



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