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Blogging Is So Like Over Dude! Whatever…

Posted by Bob Warfield on April 18, 2008

Sorry, but I live in Santa Cruz and hear this “dude” stuff constantly and now Umair Haque has me doing it.

Just saw a fascinating post from Fred Wilson.  He shows the chart of total unique visitors for both Facebook and WordPress and notes how close they are even in terms of growth while at the same time there is a nearly $15B valuation gap in the two. 

If blogging is over, its over for the punters more so than the readers.

Fred goes out on a limb with a wonderful quote:

But trust me on this one. The blogging revolution is the adult social network whereas Facebook style social networking is for teens and college kids. This gap will narrow.

Dude, I am so out on that limb with you because you are so right!

Also, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, video, and a whole lot more are under the heading of those learning style things I write about.  Learning styles matter a lot.


2 Responses to “Blogging Is So Like Over Dude! Whatever…”

  1. Zoli Erdos said

    Ok, Santa Cruz dude, I am sufficiently confused: are you out on a limb or a surfboard? 🙂

  2. smoothspan said

    Zoli, I don’t know man, but it’s totally gnarly!

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