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Social Graph or Network? Or Social Time Waster?

Posted by Bob Warfield on September 22, 2007

There’s a massive amount of traffic in the blogosphere about whether we should be referring to Social Graphs or Social Networks.  Over the weekend just the blogs I follow that commented on this included:

–  Dave Winer:  Who started this particular go round and insists you sound like a monkey if you call it a Social Graph.

–  Josh Catone over at R/W Web:  Agrees he found it all very confusion when the term Social Graph came up.

–  Nick Carr:  Was similarly confused until someone straightened it out for him.

–  Scoble:  Disagrees with Winer et al, the Social Graph and Social Network are two different things to him, thank you very much.  I don’t think he liked being told he sounds like a monkey, but then, who would?

–  Alen Patrick:  Places a vote against Social Graph because “it irritated him” when he first came aross it.

–  Dave McClure:  He of the 500 hats says he agrees with Winer, but puts a thumb in his eye saying RSS = XML. 

Talk about a tempest in a teacup!  Is it just a slow news day, or what?  People, get a life!


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